Visual studio code is an open-source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. For the development of each programming language, there are multiple IDE (Integrated Development Environment) available on the internet. And Visual Studio code editor is one of them.

It has built-in support for almost all programming languages/ library/ framework based plugins are available in Vs code. And it have some other features like Debugging, embedded Git control, Snippets, Intelligent code completion. User can change the theme and install extension to add functionality.

5 Steps to install the vs code on windows.

1. Download the setup file.

We have to download and install Visual studio code from the 

 official website:-

After opening the website, click on the Download button. This will download the Vs code setup wizard on our system as an .EXE file.

Screenshot (18)

2. Run the vs code setup wizard

  • Now we need to run the file — it will only take a minute. 

2.1 Accept the agreement and click "next".

Screenshot (19)

2.2 selecting additional task

  • We get a bunch of additional task to be performed before the installation begins. Choose all the tasks and click  “next”.
Screenshot (20)

2.3 after accepting all the requests press finish button.

Screenshot (21)
visual studio
  •  By default, Vs code install under:  “C:\users{Username}\Appdata\Local\Program\Microsoft Vs code”.
  •  If the installation is successful you will see the following. 
Screenshot (24)